Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The concept of CSR has been looked upon as closely linked with the principle of sustainable economic development, which requires that organizations should make decisions based not only on financial factors but also on immediate and long term social and environmental consequences of their activities. Therefore, being a knowledge-based NGO- ARUNODAYA has always been sensitive towards the concerns of society and is committed in a socially responsible way by taking into consideration the wider interests of the community and the environment.

The CSR mission of ARUNODAYA have been guided by two elemental ideations, namely, the philosophy of enhancing the educational, health and environmental environs of the society and towards supplementing/supporting the ongoing and planned initiatives of the local, state or central government with projects / programs . The activities so undertaken are in consonance and consultation with district administration, local administration.

The objectives of the ARUNODAYA are:

To assist socially and economically weaker segments of society to overcome hardship and impoverishment while recognizing the interests of all its stakeholders.

To create community assets for the development of rural/urban society.

In keeping with its sustainable development program, ARUNODAYA focuses on the following areas to touch the lives of rural & urban communities:


In keeping with its objective of improving the health conditions of rural and urban communities, ARUNODAYA provides a wide spectrum of basic and specialized health services. These include mobile health units (MHU), basic health services with child care facilities, health camp program for awareness etc. We organize general Health & Eye Check up Camps for the weaker section of society.


ARUNODAYA is firmly committed to improving the quality of life of communities through a number of progressive educational initiatives. These include education for under privileged children, renovation of schools, computer literacy programmes, scholarships for meritorious students Arunodaya facilitated renovation/up-gradation of infrastructure in various educational institutes for underprivileged children .Other projects include for setting up of the Digital Library, classroom and toilet facilities. Another on-going key initiative is adoption of Vidyalayas through ‘One Teacher School’, provision of drinking water to Degree college/ Schools by installation of hand pumps.


ARUNODAYA provides a wide gamut of services that seek to equip community members with important employment-generating skills program. These include entrepreneurship development for women, Employment Linked vocational training, creation of small scale enterprises and cultivation of crops etc.

Women Empowerment--

Reinforcing social & economic empowerment of women, ARUNODAYA supported distribution of sewing machines to underprivileged women along with advanced cutting & tailoring course. Another step in this direction is organizing employment linked training program to weaker section of women.

Development of Villages

Certain villages can be adopted and emphasis is given in the Adopted villages on Community education schemes, Resources generation schemes, vocational training etc. Focus areas under Village Development Programs are:

a) Installation of Solar Water Pumps

b) Installation of Solar Street Light

c) Construction of Household Toilets (Under Swachh Bharat Gramin Mission)


Your contribution can help thousands of women and children live a life of dignity and self respect