Pooja Shree
B.Pharma (lateral entry) topper
Dream: B.Pharma Lateral entry Course(3Years)

Life plays a crucial joke: Intelligent, hardworking but the meager income of the father cannot kindle the light of education in his own daughter’s life. Even after she is a topper in B.Pharma entry exam twice, she was not able to take admission due to lack of funds. Poojashree is looking for help to pursue her well earned place in the course of B.Pharma.


91% Science in 10 +2 exam of CBSE Board
Dream: Engineer

Income of father: Rs7, 000/- Living in miserable condition, where even the food – primary need for existence, is not within his reach, the scored marks are a light in the darkness. Prakash has burnt the midnight oil to crack the tough JEE Main Score and secure a seat in Delhi technical University. With a debt of 60,000 his father cannot afford his further studies.


Aakash Sharma
93% Sciencein 10 +2 exam of CBSE Board
Dream: Engineer

Income of father: Rs7, 000/- Poverty is a stigma that it takes away the right to dream. The uneducated earning parents with the meager n-income, struggle to get a square meal for the family but the son walks 7 kms every day to study. Further education is a distant dream for the unpaid previous loan is a heavy burden on the shoulder of the carpenter father.


92.6% Science in 10 +2 exam of CBSE Board
Dream: Getting a seat in IIT College

Income of father: Rs7, 000/- To live his dream of cracking the IIT exam borrowed books, second hand books, generous friends were the only hope. The poor father who has no money for his own disease of cervical and slip disc has no further money left for his son’s further money left for his son’s further education.


Murli Kumar Jha
89.4% Commerce in 10 +2 exam of CBSE Board
Dream: Chartered Accountant

Income of father: Rs8, 000/- Son of an auto driver brought a smile to his father with his marks but also tears as he would not be able to pay for his further higher education. The broken walls and ceiling of the rented room do not give him any hope for further studies even if he has a confirmed admission in ARSD Collage.


Anshika Srivastava
91.2% Commerce in 10 +2 exam of CBSE Board
Dream: Bank probationary officer

Income of father: Rs6, 000/- Without a fixed income the broken father saw a dream of her daughter’s higher education. Anshika had to study when everyone was sleeping as it was the only moment of peace in the one room rented house. She has a dream of bringing support to her family and teaches her younger sister too. She wants to continue her education.



There are enormous ways to sense the innocence of children. Some says they are.... "the undeviating form of GOD"…"future of the nation"…"tension free life"…"memorable time" , but someone must know that the childhood dying on the orphaned streets, red lights, polluted factories, unhygienic conditions cannot be lived or memorized by anyone.

For developing Country like India, development of underprivileged children must be assisted, directed and promoted to contribute towards nation. In this scenario, the education is the prime concern for this progress

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Enable the civil society in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women, with a life-cycle approach of development. Adopt highest standards in process to emerge as a leading knowledge and technology driven, innovative and scalable international development organisation.


ARUNODAYA is to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood program.


Your contribution can help thousands of women and children live a life of dignity and self respect